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The Team
My name is Stephen, and I will be the primary photographer for your day. I will have an assistant who is also a second shooter. We always work together as a team and don’t split up, as we find this gets the best results. We are always looking for quality and not quantity of photographs.

I believe that a relaxed approach to a wedding day usually delivers the best pictures. We aim to produce photographs that trigger happy memories of the day (usually the ones where the subject is having a good time and is often totally oblivious to the photographer), rather than focusing on producing masses of “staged” photographs you often see at weddings.Whilst we often do create some “staged” photographs, for example all of the guests gathered together outside the reception venue, this is very much up to you, and what you feel is appropriate for you and your guests. It can be quite tedious for everybody to keep gathering in various groups and being asked to “smile on demand” – we believe that natural shots of people enjoying themselves without worrying about the camera make for much better photographs.

As a team we work very hard to be as unobtrusive as we can.  I like to use a long lens to pick out some of the small events that occur during the day. The day will have many events where we need to be front and centre such as the ceremony and we may need to take charge for the formal photographs (with parents/friends/best man & maid of honour, etc). We know that many couples don’t want formals but parents usually make sure at least a few are taken!

You will need to provide us with a timeline for the day. This is a simple list of events and timings that we use to ensure that we know what is happening and when. This ensures that as the day flows along we are in the right place at the right time. This also allows the couple to create contingency plans for things not running quite as smoothly as expected – for example if traffic conditions make travel between locations longer than anticipated, or if the bride/groom are late arriving at the ceremony venue. Organisation is key for us as if the day becomes rushed then the photographs may suffer.
Key Shots
In this digital age, it’s important to remember that it’s not just the technology that makes a good picture – it’s attention to detail and ensuring that the couple are relaxed. If the bride and groom are having a fantastic day and enjoying themselves then the pictures will reflect this.We always like to get the happy couple away from the other guests for a few intimate shots. This can be simply a different part of the venue, or we can go to one of your favourite locations to get some truly special, memorable moments.

Depending on the couple this can be city or country and may be one or a number of locations. We always aim to capture some key photographs that are so much more than a record of the day. These are photographs you will want to have printed large for all to see when guests visit your home.

Bride & Groom intimate shots
Sometimes the bride and groom decide that they would rather spend their time enjoying the day with their guests than posing for photographs away from the venue. Similarly, sometimes events outside of our control such as the “wonderful” British weather can make the intimate photographs you had planned impossible to take.Therefore, we can take photographs of the bride and groom on a different day to the actual wedding. You will need to get made-up and back into the same clothes as on the big day, then we will go to the agreed locations (not always the same place as where the wedding/reception took place) and take those key photographs. If you would like this added to your event, just ask.

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