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Glam Squad

I had an opportunity to work with a great team of make-up and hair artists called the Glam Squad. The objective for the shoot was to produce an untouched (no Photoshop) image that would be used for a competition. The theme was loosely based on woodlands so a local shoot with studio and local woods […]

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Medusa Gorgona

Sometimes a photography project pops up that sounds simply too good to be missed. Medusa Gorgona is a part time model with a passion for a specific genre and this shoot was to have a pagan/folklore look and feel. Medusa had a number of good ideas about the look and feel as well as for some specific […]

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Snow queen

Studio shots of a model all in white with just a little colour. These were shot with a grey and then a black background with the best shots being very close-up. The images here are just a small section of this part of the shoot.

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