Medusa Gorgona

Sometimes a photography project pops up that sounds simply too good to be missed. Medusa Gorgona is a part time model with a passion for a specific genre and this shoot was to have a pagan/folklore look and feel. Medusa had a number of good ideas about the look and feel as well as for some specific poses and movements to be created. We spent a whole day and created hundreds of images and just a few of them are here to show what was achieved. We used a powerful studio flash to compete with the sun on a bright day and yes, you can see some smoke.

This was a terrific day and we were both delighted with the images, if you would like to see more of Medusa Gorgona  please take a look at her facebook page. Some of these images, including the featured image, were processed by Medusa who is also a Photoshop expert.

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