We believe in simple pricing. Our rate for your wedding is £1,400 for the day.

What’s included?

  • We allow up to ten hours for the day, which is more than enough for most weddings.
  • One principle photographer will attend, as well as a second shooter/assistant.
  • You will receive a disc containing the processed photographs for the day. The quantity will vary, but this is typically around 300. We usually take over 2,000 shots but we provide you with a manageable amount of the best photographs of the day.
  • We will provide a disc with a selection of photographs set to your choice of music with a run time of 12-15 minutes. This is provided on DVD and Blu-ray, as well as various formatted video files to play on devices such as iPads and PC’s.
  • Three sizes of each photograph will be provided on a personalised disc. This includes large, high-resolution photographs for printing, medium sized for use on your computer, and small, lower resolution images so you can upload them with ease to your social media accounts such as Facebook, Instagram or Flickr.
  • You will be granted a licence to print and use the images however you wish.

How we work:

Normally we meet with the couple at least once before the day and go though the timeline for the day and ensure we have all you specific requirements listed. As the day approaches we would talk by telephone or email to confirm all the specific arrangements and contact numbers

If we don’t know the ceremony or reception venue we would normally visit it and ideally would meet the couple and discuss specific requirements.


Frequently asked questions:

Do you provide prints of the photographs?
Yes, we can provide professionally printed high quality prints in a range of sizes.

Do you provide printed wedding albums?
Yes, albums are available at a range of prices.

Can we print the photographs ourselves?
Yes, we provide the files for you to take to a printer or print at home. We also provide instructions and can assist if your chosen printing company has questions.

Can we share the photographs with our family and friends?
Yes, you have a licence to use the photographs for any purpose

What areas/locations do you cover?
We mainly operate within 50 miles of Swindon, but we are prepared to travel much further.

If your question isn’t answered above, please get in touch.

Interested in hiring us to be your wedding photographers?
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