What is reportage wedding photography?

Over the past decade, the art of wedding photography has been constantly evolving. As the industry moved into the digital age and new ideas started to arise, a number of wedding photography trends have evolved.

One such ‘trend’, even though many would argue this is not a fad, is reportage wedding photography. In this short blog post, we will explore more about the art of reportage wedding photography and why it has become so popular in recent years.

What is reportage wedding photography?

Traditional wedding photography may be ideal for those who are looking for a conventional approach, but for others, this type of photography has become tiresome, mostly because it struggles to catch real wedding day emotions.

A reportage wedding photographer takes natural shots throughout the day as none of the photographs have been staged. Instead, the photographer/s gets in among the ‘action’, taking photographs when the opportunity arises. The digital age has allowed photographers to take thousands of shots without having to worry about film usage, which makes reportage photography possible.

Why has reportage photography become so popular?

Reportage photography allows for natural results from the very start of the day right up until the door on the honeymoon suite closes. One of the main benefits of reportage photography is that people are not always being pestered to pose for photographs, which can be time-consuming. In fact, a good reportage wedding photographer has the competence to spend the whole day right in the middle of the action without ever imposing.

The result is always much more artistic than traditional wedding photography, which has left reportage wedding photography, in the eyes of many industry experts, more popular than conventional photography.

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